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Teachers, professors and other participants of Latvian educational system already for a longer time were discussing a serious problem - necessity to introduce new, innovative methods in attainment of study material, as the main problem was continuing cramming or reproduction of given material instead of understanding its content.

Realizing that if not we, who else? - several enthusiasts including the University of Latvia in year 1990, took a decision to establish a non-profit organization - Latvian Education Foundation, to promote and support new generation education, as everyone understood that continuing that way is impossible.

The establishers of Latvian Education Foundation were aware of and old already proven method of comprehension - explaining difficult issues with familiar daily situations and similarities. These examples - here called models, teachers widely use in their lessons but for wider audience these were not available, as never left the wall of concrete school.

By applying some of inductive approach theories were worked out know-how; that allowed reaching systematic, methodical development of models.  That enabled provision of teachers' trainings and with development of Internet also dynamic involvement of audience. Audience developed acceptable - comprehensible models that were later checked by administrators to ensure correct interpretation of material.

LIF invitation was accepted by one of the most prestige schools of Latvia - Riga English Grammar School; that was ready to engage in building learning tool for hard sciences of secondary school.

LIF provided trainings of selected teachers and gave them administrator rights, guided by these teachers some most talented students built first models to start development of web as well as selected the design and navigation tools. It appeared that students perform this kind of tasks in high quality. Next step was creating teacher and student interest; that was successfully stimulated by sponsors organized competitions.

The system's active usage was started and is still continued by Riga Distance Learning Secondary School and many other schools. Learning tool is free of charge available for all the potential users. Important additional incentive to continue the project was given by "Education Innovation award" for best innovation in maths, biology, physics, chemistry of year 2011 received in State competition. The diploma signed by own-hand of President of the Republic of Latvia is pride of Riga English Grammar School. The successful beginning of the project as well as wide audience of users gave LIF inspiration to continue spreading this method and tool in other countries and audiences.

We will be pleased to share our experience if it seems to you worse sharing - click here to see how You can support us or become part of the project.

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