Comprehension Room Examples of our approach

Comprehension is essential in almost of any subject taught: sciences, mathematics, law and many others. Latvian Education Fund's supported comprehension tool has proved itself in Latvia and we wish to expand its use around the world.

We are looking for schools, universities and any other organization connected with education that could develop their own sub-pages for own needs and education foundations ready to support these organizations.

To develop the page teachers/administrators (term „teacher" here refer to wider audience and can be even high school professor or instructor of commercial structure) shall be trained as well as it is essential to develop page design and navigation tools. The main support is needed at this stage; both organizations and funds supporting them.

To get involved please contact Latvian Education Foundation:

Address: Raiņa bulv.19, Riga, LV-1586

Contact persons:

Member of the Board Mr. Romans Vitkovskis, e-mail,;

Director of project development Mr. Uldis Heidingers,


Please do not hesitate to contact us as we will consider any proposal of cooperation from any organization or country.

Latvian Education Foundation seeks for other non-profit organizations or volunteers who could help to control the quality of development of models in local level.